Platinum, troy ounce/USD, 30 days
Platinum, troy ounce/USD, 1 year

Shipping and Insurance

Shipment. We can offer you two delivery options of platinum labware.

1 Option - ALL INCLUDED.

In this case, platinum labware is delivered by specialized international company – Brinks under INCOTERMS 2020: DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

It means, that Brinks Company will take on all concerns of customs clearance, customs  duties payment, calculation of all expenses and so on, and will provide secure transportation of a package with platinum labware directly to your laboratory or office.

This option is very convenient for large corporations and their laboratories, that prefer to get service at the highest level.

2 Option – ECONOMY.

In this case, the parcel with platinum laboratory utensils will be delivered by air-freight to the airport in your city, to the customs warehouse of temporary storage under INCOTERMS 2020: CIP (Carriage Paid To).

We will do export clearance in Russia, cover the expenses for insurance and delivery to the customs warehouse of temporary storage at the airport in your city.

You will have to:

  1. Fill in the customs documents for import to your country;
  2. Pay customs duties, fees, taxes in your country;
  3. Receive the parcel from the customs warehouse of temporary storage.

You may ask for assistance from your lawyers or legal department at your organization.

This option is for those who prefer to save money and ready to spend some time on customs clearance, way to the airport and receipt of a parcel.

As a result, the cost of delivery becomes much cheaper.

Insurance. The cost of insurance is 0.6% of the estimated value of the cargo.

Below is an example of the cost of air-freight delivery of ten best-selling platinum crucibles 100-7 from Yekaterinburg to London.

Transportation is carried out in special containers - boxes made of wood.

The weight of the boxes for transporting platinum labware is as follows:

  • upon the order volume up to 500 g. of platinum - the weight of the box will be 600 g.;
  • from 500 to 1000 g. of platinum - the weight of the box will be 1-2 kg;
  • more than 1000 g. of platinum - the weight of the box will be 2-4 kg.

The cost of transportation boxes is included in the shipping price.

The cost of insurance is 0.6% of the estimated value of the cargo.

Sample сalculation:

  1. The weight of 10 crucibles 100-7: 24 g. х 10 pcs = 240 g.
  2. Weight of transportation box will be 600 g. with a net weight of 240 g.
  3. The total gross weight of the parcel will be: 240 g. + 600 g. = 840 g.
  4. The cost of a delivery of a parcel weighing 840 g (i.e. up to 1 kg) is 400 USD.
  5. Insurance. The value of the cargo is calculated in accordance with current prices: the price of the crucible 100-7 is 1 260,92 USD. The price of 10 pcs = 12 609,20 USD.
    The cost of the insurance is 12 609,20 х 0,6% = 75,66 USD.
  6. Service of customs officer at the Russian border is 400 USD.
    Total cost of shipping will be:
    cost of a delivery: 400 USD
    + cost of an insurance: 75,66 USD
    + cost of a customs officer: 400 USD

TOTAL: 875,66 USD.

You also need to take into account the costs on customs duties, taxes and other possible fees that may arise in the country of the recipient of the parcel when crossing the border.

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