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About Us

We are located in Russia, the Ural Mountains, the city of Yekaterinburg.

Our region is famous for its precious metals, including platinum. Starting from 1920-1930 laboratory utensils have been manufactured from the mined platinum in the Urals.

We have an old school of masters. For 100 years much practical experience has been accumulated.

Our company “Stomatech-L” is one of the biggest players of the Russian precious metals market and a new prospective player in the international market. We are on the precious metals market since 1992.

Our team consists of specialists of different ages. We have an experienced developer – the author of drawings and state standard specifications for platinum labware. There is also his grandson, who takes over the invaluable skills of his grandfather. We are all innovative, hardworking and diligent people who love our job.

Make an order and try our platinum laboratory utensils in process.

ООО "Stomatech-L"
Registration Number: 1026605426759
Taxpayer Number (INN): 6662100294
Address: Suite 2, Bld. 48, Komsomolskaya Street, Yekaterinburg City, Russian Federation, 620049

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