Platinum, troy ounce/USD, 30 days
Platinum, troy ounce/USD, 1 year

Custom Clearance

There are no customs duties in Russia for export of platinum labware. Moreover, platinum laboratory utensils are sold abroad from Russia without VAT.

There are import customs duties on platinum labware in some countries, whereas in some of them there are not.

Also in some countries, such as Russia, any precious metal activity is strictly licensed by the Government. To obtain a license, the organization is obliged to have a safe, a contract with a security company, etc. In some countries, distribution and use of precious metals is not controlled and licensed at all.

Your task is to find out with the help of your lawyers or legal department at your organization whether import country has customs duties, if the license is required for the use of precious metals, or if there are any other specifics.

To cross the Russian border for the products made of precious metals the following basic documents are mandatory:

1. Cargo Custom Declaration
2. Certificate of Origin

Additionally, the parcel includes:

1. Invoice – 1 copy
2. Packing List – 2 copies
3. Product Manufacture Quality Certification

Services of customs officer at the Russian border is approximately 400 USD per package with platinum labware.

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